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Dear Press Start Creator,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I really love all of these characters and relationships I’m requesting, so I’m sure I’ll like anything you write for any of them!

If you’re the journal stalking type, my previous exchange letters can be found here and here, my AO3 account is here, and my tumblr is here. Other than that, I don’t have much of an online presence, but I will try to give you everything you need to know right here.

General Likes/Dislikes

Likes: A strong sense of character and character relationships. Characters who know each other better than anyone else, whether they are friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies, or any combination of the above. Trust and loyalty. Competence. Outsider perspectives – either a stranger’s view of the main characters or a friend or relative’s view of a character’s relationships. Interweaving plots. Slice of life fic. Mission fic. Roadtrip fic. Future fic. Backstory. Interesting worldbuilding details. Undercover as a couple. Friends to lovers. Developing relationships. Culture clashes. People who are bad at communicating finally managing it. Happy or happy-ish endings.

Dislikes: Porn with no other story around it. Major character death. Non-con. Extreme underage. Parent-child incest. Crossovers. ‘Modern mundane’/high school/coffee shop AUs. Love triangles where everyone acts immature and no one communicates. First person POV, unless the original canon is in first person. Creepily invested matchmaker friends. Anything A/B/O, dom/sub world, soulmates, or magical bonding.


Any prompts listed are just ideas and suggestions, and if you have your own super great idea for any of these fandoms and characters you should totally write it!


Daud/Billie Lurk

This is one of those relationships that was basically tailor-made for me. Mentor/student, leader and their close subordinate who can get away things others can’t, age gap, complicated issues of trust and loyalty and betrayal – these are a few of my favorite things. I was doomed basically from Billie’s first line, and it only got better from there.

I’d love to see something from ‘happier times’ before the events of the first game, when they were running the Whalers together without all that messy guilt business starting to break down the trust. How did that relationship develop over the years? What were they like working together at their peak? Or something from the 15 year gap between the games. We know very little about what Billie did during that time, and we have no idea what Daud was up to. Did they ever try to look for each other? Maybe one of them actually found the other, intentionally or by accident, and decided to walk away? Or maybe go a little AU and have them reunite earlier or even during the events of Dishonored 2. Daud could totally have been in Serkonos then.

And of course, I’d love to see anything dealing with their eventual reunion post-game and how that pans out. (I have seen the Death of the Outsider trailer and devoured all the related interviews, so feel free to include speculation on that if you want to. Or feel free to ignore it completely.)

Billie Lurk & The Outsider

I’m really interested in The Outsider’s relationship with the people who don’t bear his mark but are still somehow connected to him. Billie has some of his powers through Daud and has shown an interest in him, wondering what he smells like and what he says to Daud and also hoping he’ll speak to her one day. The Outsider, in turn, speaks of her with some level of interest and admiration in the endings of The Knife of Dunwall. And then there’s the Death of the Outsider trailer…

I’d be interested in seeing more of this strange almost connection, especially in the time between Knife of Dunwall and Dishonored 2. Did the Outsider ever wind up speaking to her after she left Dunwall? Did he visit her in her dreams? Did Billie ever seek out any shrines? What would have happened if the Outsider decided to mark Billie at some point? I would also totally welcome any Death of the Outsider-related speculation, either on the lead up or the events of the game itself.

Lizzy Stride

Lizzy Stride was definitely one of the best parts of The Brigmore Witches for me. I love how all the gangs in Dishonored each have their own unique style and function, and Lizzy and the Dead Eels have such a neat aesthetic. For Lizzy herself, one of the most interesting things is how little about her is actually confirmed. Pretty much everything about who she is and where she came from is all learned from underworld rumors and vague comments from a few other characters.

I’d love to see something exploring any of those rumors – her backstory, her connection with Mortimer Hat, how she established the Dead Eels. I’d also be interested in seeing what happens to her after the end of Dishonored. Is she still running her gang 15 years later? Has she expanded beyond Dunwall? Met up with Daud or any other Whalers again? Had any interesting run-ins with any other characters?

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Medli & Valoo

Dragon Roost Island is my favorite place in the game, and I love the whole culture and mythology of the Rito people, especially with their deity being an actual, physical presence on their island who interacts with the Rito directly.

I’d love to see more about Medli and Valoo in the context of their culture. What exactly does being Valoo’s attendant entail, and what is the training for that like? How is someone chosen for that? Are there any interesting ceremonial aspects to the job? What happens to Medli’s role as Valoo’s attendant after she is awakened as the Sage of Earth? Did Valoo know about her destiny all along? I’d also enjoy just seeing the two interact, maybe when Valoo’s previous attendant was still alive and Medli was in training, or something after the end of the game. Or maybe see what happened during Medli’s journey to receive a scale from Valoo and earn her wings.

Helmaroc King

Man, I just love the look of this guy: a huge predatory bird with a cool mask and glowing eyes who roosts at the top of a creepy fortress. His boss battle is really fun and climactic, too.

Despite that, we don’t really know much about him, other than the fact that he’s a servant of Ganondorf. Why is that? Did he choose to ally with Ganondorf, or was he somehow created or altered by him for that purpose? What’s the level of intelligence here? He never speaks in the game, but he clearly understands Ganondorf’s orders and is capable of some specific searching and strategy. What was he before Ganondorf’s return – is the “King” in his title significant? Has he always lived at the Forsaken Fortress, throughout its various owners and functions? What’s up with the mask?


Sasha Nein/Milla Vodello

Superstar Psychonauts Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello! They don’t actually have a ton of direct interaction in the game itself, but I love the implied relationship between the two. They are psychic secret agents! They go on ridiculous missions together and fight crime - psychic crime! One of these missions involved being undercover in elaborate costumes at a fancy party! They have had at least one clichéd instance of falling down and landing on top of each other in a ~romantic~ pose! I eat this stuff up with a spoon.

We see some tragic history in both Sasha and Milla’s memory vaults, but what happens between those events and the start of the game? How did they come to join the Psychonauts and become partners? How did they start teaching at the summer camp? When did they start running secret missions for Agent Cruller? What’s an average day like for them when they’re not teaching psychic children, or being kidnapped and having their brains removed, or rescuing their leader from a creepy underwater lair? What are the Psychonauts headquarters like? How do they relate to their coworkers? What kind of lives do they have outside of work? I would also totally be down for some mission fic, either pre-canon or in the future.

(Though I definitely do not have a PS4 VR headset, I have watched some Let’s Plays of Rhombus of Ruin, so feel free to include anything from that!)

Well, that about sums it up, I think. Again, thank you so much for writing for me! If you like prompts, I hope what I gave you is helpful. If you prefer to work without them, I look forward to reading whatever you come up with. I’m sure whatever you write will be awesome!
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