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Dear Rare Pair Fest Creator,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I really love all of these ships I’m requesting, so I’m sure I’ll like anything you write for any of them!

If you’re the journal stalking type, my previous exchange letters can be found here and here, my AO3 account is here, and my tumblr is here. Other than that, I don’t have much of an online presence, but I will try to give you everything you need to know right here.

General Likes/Dislikes

Likes: A strong sense of character and character relationships. Characters who know each other better than anyone else, whether they are friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies, or any combination of the above. Outsider perspectives – either a stranger’s view of the main characters or a friend or relative’s view of a character’s relationships. Interweaving plots. Slice of life fic. Mission fic. Roadtrip fic. Future fic. Backstory. Interesting worldbuilding details. Undercover as a couple. Friends to lovers. Developing relationships. Culture clashes. People who are bad at communicating finally managing it. Happy or happy-ish endings.

Dislikes: Porn with no other story around it. Major character death. Non-con. Extreme underage. Parent-child incest. Crossovers. ‘Modern mundane’/high school/coffee shop AUs. Love triangles where everyone acts immature and no one communicates. First person POV, unless the original canon is in first person. Creepily invested matchmaker friends. Anything A/B/O, dom/sub world, soulmates, or magical bonding.


Any prompts listed are just ideas and suggestions, and if you have your own super great idea for any of these fandoms and characters you should totally write it!


Daud/Billie Lurk

This is one of those relationships that was basically tailor-made for me. Mentor/student, leader and their close subordinate who can get away things others can’t, age gap, complicated issues of trust and loyalty and betrayal – these are a few of my favorite things. I was doomed basically from Billie’s first line, and it only got better from there.

I’d love to see something from ‘happier times’ before the events of the first game, when they were running the Whalers together without all that messy guilt business starting to break down the trust. How did that relationship develop over the years? What were they like working together at their peak? Or something from the 15 year gap between the games. We know very little about what Billie did during that time, and we have no idea what Daud was up to. Did they ever try to look for each other? Maybe one of them actually found the other, intentionally or by accident, and decided to walk away? Or maybe go a little AU and have them reunite earlier or even during the events of Dishonored 2. Daud could totally have been in Serkonos then.

And of course, I’d love to see anything dealing with their eventual reunion post-game and how that pans out. (I have seen the Death of the Outsider trailer and devoured all the related interviews, so feel free to include speculation on that if you want to. Or feel free to ignore it completely.)

Daud/Jessamine Kaldwin

So, obviously the only canon interaction between these two was, uh, deadly, but I’m really interested in the potential here. A lot of Daud’s guilt over killing Jessamine is obviously over the way Dunwall falls apart afterward, but some of it seems connected to Jessamine specifically. He says a few times that she was “different” from all the other nobles he’s killed over the years – “None like the last. None like her.” What made her so different in his eyes?

Did they ever meet before he killed her? Daud was hired as an assassin by Burrows multiple times before being hired to kill Jessamine, so it’s not impossible that they may have crossed paths before. Maybe Jessamine herself even had reason to seek his services. Having people killed doesn’t really seem her style, but I think it’s quite likely the possibility at least came up once or twice in her position. During the timeline of the game, how would things have changed if Daud decided not to go through with killing her?

I’d also be interested in seeing Daud interacting with Jessamine in the form of the Heart. What kind of influence would that have on him and his guilt? Her soul in the Heart is reluctant to see anything good in Daud during the main game, but would that change if she was around while he was working to save Emily in Brigmore Witches?

Fruits Basket

Manabe Kakeru/Sohma Yuki

One of my favorite ships, cursed to eternal rare pair-dom because Kakeru didn’t make it into the anime adaptation. Alas. I really love this relationship so much, especially how their friendship helps them both become better, more confident people. Kakeru pushes Yuki into showing his real personality and having more natural reactions, which is really important as he’s trying to break out of the manufactured, inoffensive, ‘princely’ personality he’s developed. And Yuki lets Kakeru know when he’s gone too far and helps him become more empathetic and understanding of other people’s feelings. And they’re hilarious together, especially as Yuki becomes more comfortable and their interactions become more mutually teasing.

I’d be interested in seeing what happens post-series and how they stay in each other’s lives outside of the Student Council. I’d also like to see them interacting with each other’s families. Kakeru gets along well with Ayame and has had a few brief interactions with some of the other Sohmas, but I’d love to see more of that and to see how the Sohmas react to him. Kakeru’s family life isn’t quite as screwed up as Yuki’s, but it’s still pretty messy. How does Yuki fit in to a more mundane set of family issues? I’d also love to see what would have happened if Kakeru somehow found out about the curse before it was broken? How would he react to it? Would he be brought into the loop like Tohru? Would they try to keep his finding out a secret? Would there be another upsetting memory erasing scene? Or just more Student Council shenanigans would always be fun!

Honda Tohru/Sohma Momiji/Sohma Kyou

This is somehow not a ship I ever considered, but I saw it in the tagset and was immediately intrigued! Obviously, Kyou and Momiji both love Tohru, and Tohru cares deeply for both of them, but Kyou and Momiji have an interesting dynamic, too. Momiji is one of the most openly friendly of the Sohmas toward Kyou, telling him that he’s going to stop giving up on the cat and pushing him to pursue Tohru, even though he’s a ‘rival’ for her affections. And Kyou is always fairly comfortable interacting with Momiji compared to some of the others, even if he does deliberately push Kyou’s buttons and annoy him sometimes. I think the three of them would probably balance each other out pretty nicely.

I’d be interested in seeing how the three of them might navigate a relationship together, especially post-series. How would Momiji be drawn into the established couple of Tohru and Kyou, since he never really thought he had a chance in canon? Or would the two of them break up for some reason and then all come together afterward? How would the other Sohmas react? Having them get together or have some awkward moments during the series would be interesting, too, especially while still dealing with the curse.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga

Olivier Mira Armstrong/Miles

I’m a sucker for leaders and their close subordinates; I love that kind of loyalty and trust, especially if it goes both ways as is clearly the case for Olivier and Miles. We don’t get a ton on their relationship in the series, but I love the glimpses we do get: Olivier explaining to Miles why she needs someone like him at her side, Miles saying that Olivier was the one to convince him he could make a difference from within the military, Olivier releasing Miles to help with the Ishval restoration at the end.

I’d love to see anything expanding on what we see in canon. How did Miles wind up working under Olivier at Briggs? What kinds of conflicts and tensions did they have before figuring each other out? Do they keep in touch while he’s working to rebuild Ishval, and does the relationship change at all now that he no longer reports directly to her? Does he wind up back at Briggs when he’s done? What happens if one or both of them retires down the line?

(Feel free to deal with the “Miles may or may not have a wife” situation however you want: ignore her possible existence, have them be divorced, have her be dead, have it be a source of tension, have Olivier secretly be his wife, whatever you want.)


Ivy Pepper/Viktor Vasko

Here comes my love of age gaps again, oops. Ivy and Viktor have my absolute favorite relationship in the comic. Big, strong, curmudgeonly characters who have a not-so-secret soft spot for small, sweet, perky characters are a weakness of mine. I love that he can be murderously protective of her, but she also has a clear power over him, to the point where others will bring Ivy along as a shield if they think Viktor might be unhappy with them. I love how Ivy reacts to Viktor being in danger by being aggressively cheerful and unwilling to let him mope alone, while Viktor reacts to Ivy being in danger by being an asshole and trying to drive her away – and neither of them quite understands what the other is doing and they just wind up arguing.

I’d be happy to see them working through that last conflict and reconciling and moving forward. Or something showing Ivy dealing with all the new information she’s learned about Viktor recently. Ivy’s starting to get a bit more involved in the more dangerous and illicit parts of the Lackadaisy’s operation – could Viktor ever bring himself to actually work with her or train her in the ways of the business? I’d also love to see anything showing where they wind up later down the line, after Prohibtion ends (you know, assuming both survive the events of the comic).

Well, that about sums it up, I think. Again, thank you so much for writing for me! If you like prompts, I hope what I gave you is helpful. If you prefer to work without them, I look forward to reading whatever you come up with. I’m sure whatever you write will be awesome!
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