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Not Prime Time 2017 Letter

Dear NPT Writer,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I really love all of these fandoms and relationships I’m requesting, so I’m sure I’ll like anything you write for any of them!

I have a few Yuletides under my belt and not much else, but I’m trying to expand my exchange horizons. Also, this DW account is very new and empty, so if you’re the journal stalking type, my previous exchange letters can be found here, my AO3 account is here, and my tumblr is here. Other than that, I’m afraid I don’t have much of an online presence, but I will try to give you everything you need to know right here.

General Likes/Dislikes

Likes: A strong sense of character and character relationships. Characters who know each other better than anyone else, whether they are friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies, or any combination of the above. Outsider perspectives – either a stranger’s view of the main characters or a friend or relative’s view of a character’s relationships. Interweaving plots. Slice of life fic. Mission fic. Roadtrip fic. Future fic. Backstory. Interesting worldbuilding details. Undercover as a couple. Friends to lovers. Developing relationships. Culture clashes. People who are bad at communicating finally managing it. Happy or happy-ish endings.

Dislikes: Porn with no other story around it. Major character death. Non-con. Extreme underage. Incest. Crossovers. ‘Modern mundane’/high school/coffee shop AUs. Love triangles where everyone acts immature and no one communicates. First person POV, unless the original canon is in first person. Creepily invested matchmaker friends. Anything A/B/O, dom/sub world, soulmates, or magical bonding. Super dark fic for a lighter canon or super fluffy fic for a darker canon.


Any prompts listed are just ideas and suggestions, and if you have your own super great idea for any of these fandoms and characters you should totally write it!


I love the world of Dishonored, with its whale oil-punk technology and its stylized characters and its horrifying parasitic creatures. And I love the characters that can seem simple and straightforward at first, but you can find out more about them through letters and journals and using the Heart and such. I prefer a more low chaos sequence of events, because I am a sap, but I like the variety of options the game gives you for dealing with different situations and how dark some of the nonlethal choices are, and low chaos doesn’t need to mean ‘perfect ghost clean hands run’.

Daud/Billie Lurk

This is one of those relationships that was basically tailor-made for me. Mentor/student, leader and their close subordinate who can get away things others can’t, age gap, complicated issues of trust and loyalty and betrayal – these are a few of my favorite things. I was doomed basically from Billie’s first line, and it only got better from there.

  • Something from ‘happier times’ before the events of the first game? Neither of them is in a great place, personally or with regards to each other, during Knife of Dunwall, but everything indicates they were quite close before. Daud’s journals imply they usually spent a decent amount of time alone together while they worked and that he sought out her advice and input on assassination targets. Billie’s journal says that working for Daud basically gave her a reason to go on living after Deirdre’s death and the fallout from that. What were they like working together when the Whalers were at their peak?

  • Fill in some of the 15 year gap between the games. We know very little about what Billie did during that time, and we have no idea what Daud was up to. Billie apparently reinvented herself several times, but through it all she kept her old Whaler uniform and wanted posters and acquired an audiograph recorded by Daud that she listens to over and over. Did they ever try to look for each other? Maybe one of them actually found the other, intentionally or by accident, and decided to walk away? Or maybe go a little AU and have them reunite earlier or even during the events of Dishonored 2. Daud could totally have been in Serkonos then.

  • Latch onto that tease in the epilogue and show me their reunion. How long does it take? Who finds who? Is it happy? Angry? Just tense and weird? What happens afterward?

Emily Kaldwin & Billie Lurk

I played Dishonored 2 as Emily and used the Heart on everyone obsessively, so I caught on to the Meagan Foster reveal fairly early on, and I was really fascinated by how that relationship would go. Billie was heavily involved in the most horrible event in Emily’s life, and she comes to like and trust Billie without knowing who she is and what she did. Billie clearly regrets her role in Jessamine’s murder and tried to move on from that part of her life. She didn’t ever want to come back to Dunwall and never intended to meet Emily when she did, but she winds up travelling with her and helping her for months, keeping her identity a secret.

  • In the game itself, neither really has much time to process and react to Billie’s confession, so I’d like to see a little more of that. How long did it take Billie to work herself up to telling the truth? What was Emily thinking as the realization dawned? Do they meet up at all after Emily regains her throne and before Billie goes off to find Daud? I mean, someone had to bring the skiff back, right?

  • I’d like to see them working or travelling together again sometime after the events of the game. Maybe Emily asks for her advice and perspective while she’s trying to restabilize Serkonos? Or maybe she needs help with something more ‘gang and murder’-related, and Billie has some mixed feelings about calling on that particular area of expertise again.

  • Although I’m more of a low chaos enthusiast, the way the Meagan Foster identity reveal plays out in high chaos is pretty interesting. Billie never tells Emily directly (because high chaos Emily is terrifying) but you can still get into her room with all the Whaler paraphernalia, and when you go back on deck Billie will be gone. As long as it doesn’t end with one of them actually killing the other, I’d definitely be interested in seeing more on that sequence of events.

  • This has all been from the perspective of playing the game as Emily, but I think it could be interesting with a Corvo playthrough as well. How does Emily feel about someone who helped kidnap her and murder her mother now being so instrumental in saving her empire when she wasn’t there for any of it? How does Corvo’s opinion on the situation influence her own?

Jessamine Kaldwin & The Outsider

The Outsider is a really interesting deity figure. He loves watching the world burn and its people scramble, but he doesn’t really interfere all that much to stir the pot. He claims to “see everything” and “see forever”, but he’ll readily admit to being caught off guard by certain actions and is drawn to people who can surprise him. Jessamine isn’t one of his ‘favorites’ like Corvo or Daud, but he does seem somewhat fascinated by her from the way he mentions her. And that whole “heart of a living thing, molded by my hands” business.

  • So, there’s a six month gap between Jessamine’s death and the Outsider giving the Heart to Corvo. Was Jessamine’s spirit, or at least a piece of it, trapped in the Void that whole time? What about the much longer 15 year gap between the games? Did she have any awareness in the Void? Any conversations with the Outsider? Did she have any influence on her eventual role as something that helped Corvo and Emily? When her spirit is finally released, does she get peaceful oblivion or more fun Void time?

  • The Outsider apparently sometimes appears in people’s dreams and talks to them even if they don’t have his mark. Did he ever appear to Jessamine before her death?

  • AU where Jessamine gets the Outsider’s mark for some reason. Maybe she isn’t killed at the beginning of the game and gets the mark instead of Corvo? Maybe she was actually marked beforehand and hid it well?


Confession: I love Buffy more than life itself, but Dollhouse is my actual favorite of the Whedon oeuvre, rough beginning and rushed ending included. I love all the complicated issues of identity and free will and programming, literal or otherwise. I love the complex morality of all the main characters and how they’re all forced to confront those issues throughout the series.

Topher Brink/Claire Saunders

I adore everything about these two in all their fucked up glory. The Whiskey reveal was such a great moment and so pivotal to both characters. Claire’s breakdown and Topher’s descent into guilt and self-loathing are so fascinating to watch, and they intersect perfectly in that wonderful, horrible scene in the season two opener when she finally confronts him.

  • I’ve always been interested in what might have happened in a season two where Amy Acker didn’t leave the show and Claire was around the whole time. Would she still have left the Dollhouse? Maybe she would have returned earlier? How would she and Topher behave around each other if she stuck around after their big confrontation? They came to a sort of understanding after that, and I’d love to see how that changed things. Or would her torment of Topher have been stretched out longer and the confrontation happen later on? How would she have seen Topher’s increasing moral issues as the season went on? Would her continued influence help or hurt his growing conscience?

  • What happens between the end of the ‘main’ series and the Epitaph episodes? Whiskey was obviously brought back and reimprinted as Claire Saunders, but she’s in her doll state by the time the Dollhouse is found again. What went on between those two time periods? How did Topher deal with her presence after she had shot Bennett? How much was Claire in control of her actions when she did that? How did Claire deal with being used by Boyd? How did Claire react to Topher’s eventual mental breakdown? Did the apocalypse bring them closer or make everything even worse?

  • What is Whiskey’s backstory? Did her original personality have any connection to Topher? Did that drive him to make sure Claire Saunders would be repulsed by him? Or did he just feel guilty over his role in Alpha’s rampage and that guilt bled into the imprint? Did he intentionally give her the computer skills to figure out the truth, or was that a mistake?

Fruits Basket

This is one of my old fandoms from my high school anime/manga phase that I still have a lot of fondness for. I love the optimism and positivity that keeps on throughout the series even with just about every character having terrible backstories and going through really awful situations the whole time. I love the ultimately happy ending, even if it’s a bit cheesy and maybe has everyone paired up a bit too neatly. And I love, love, love the character development – I found myself feeling genuinely proud of these characters for the progress they made by the end of the series.

Manabe Kakeru/Sohma Yuki

One of my favorite ships, cursed to eternal rare pair-dom because Kakeru didn’t make it into the anime adaptation. Alas. I really love this relationship so much, especially how their friendship helps them both become better, more confident people. Kakeru pushes Yuki into showing his real personality and having more natural reactions, which is so important as he’s trying to break out of the manufactured, inoffensive, ‘princely’ personality he’s developed. And Yuki lets Kakeru know when he’s gone too far and helps him become more empathetic and understanding of other people’s feelings. And they’re hilarious together, especially as Yuki becomes more comfortable and their interactions become more mutually teasing.

  • What happens post-series? They’re both planning to go to college, though in different places. Do they stay in touch? Visit each other? How does Yuki cope with this freedom and independence after having so little of it for so long? Kakeru’s much less enthusiastic about college in general; does he stick with it or go in a different direction?

  • I’d be interested in seeing how they interact with each other’s families. Kakeru gets along well with Ayame and has had a few brief interactions with some of the other Sohmas, but I’d love to see more of that and to see how the Sohmas react to him. Kakeru’s family life isn’t quite as screwed up as Yuki’s, but it’s still pretty messy. How does Yuki fit in to a more mundane set of family issues?

  • What would have happened if Kakeru somehow found out about the curse before it was broken? How would he react to it? Would he be brought into the loop like Tohru? Would they try to keep his finding out a secret? Would there be another upsetting memory erasing scene?

  • I am always down for Student Council shenanigans!

Honda Tohru/Sohma Momiji

I love Tohru, and Momiji is probably my favorite of the Sohmas. I have such a soft spot for happy and positive characters who actually have a lot of terrible trauma in their past. They both fit this role, though in different ways, and I like how they interact with each other. I love how much they care about each other and how free they are with physical affection, especially given how the curse makes most of the characters avoid it. Selfless, one-sided pining doesn’t usually do anything for me, but I like it from Momiji and I like how self-aware he is and that he doesn’t really angst over it.

  • I’d love to see how Momiji’s feelings for Tohru evolved over the series. He’s very fond of her from the start, but at least part of that just seems to be him latching on to someone outside the family that he’s allowed to get close to. But they wind up having a really close friendship, sharing sad things from their past and trying to protect each other, and it’s not at all surprising that he winds up a little bit in love. I’d like to see Tohru’s feelings, too. She calls him handsome after his growth spurt and blushes in response to some of his displays of affection, so I don’t think she’s entirely unaware that it could be a thing.

  • Something post-series, whether it involves Kyou and Tohru breaking up somehow or just more wistful pining. Maybe even a little wistfulness from Tohru’s end, if she finds out about Momiji’s feelings and wonders what it might have been like to reciprocate them. Or just let them have lots of hugs now that Momiji won’t immediately turn into a rabbit anymore.

Tortall – Tamora Pierce

Another old fandom, I read these books when I was around 12 or 13, and boy did they have a big impact on me. I particularly latched onto the Immortals series, because I was always one of those animal-obsessed kids. Talking to animals, shapeshifting into animals, hanging out with dragons – what could possibly be cooler than that? Daine and her supporting cast hold a very special place in my heart, and I still reread the books fairly regularly. (And with every reread, it becomes more obvious that it holds most of the blame for the aforementioned fondness for mentor/student ships and age gaps. Thanks, Tamora Pierce.)

Rikash Moonsword & Veralidaine Sarrasri

I’ve always loved the way this friendship develops over the series. Stormwings are initially introduced as purely antagonistic, and Rikash is definitely an enemy at the start, but he and Daine develop a grudging respect for each other over the book where he’s introduced and end up with a tentative truce. Then they are thrust back together as uneasy allies against a common enemy and start to talk to each other on more even ground. Then they are fully on the same side, any enmity becoming affectionate teasing, and Daine realizes suddenly as Rikash dies that he had become a friend and someone she really cared about. And then she names one of her kids after him, aw.

  • I’d really just love to see more conversations between these two. Maybe put in some extra interactions during the last two books or in the time between them, show more of that tentative friendship evolving.

  • What do other Stormwings think about Rikash’s friendship with Daine? Obviously, Barzha and Hebakh have respect for her because of her role in freeing them, and that’s good enough for most of their followers. But Daine has a pretty bad reputation among most other Stormwings, and even the ones on their side seem sneering at best toward her. What kind of teasing or even outright challenges did Rikash put up with for that friendship? Did Daine have any interactions with the other Stormwings after Rikash’s death?

  • Maybe let Rikash survive the final fight? It would be fun to see Daine slowly realize that she has a Stormwing for a friend under happier circumstances. Or maybe there’s some magic immortals loophole that would let him come back from the dead. I mean, it would hardly be the first time in this series.

Well, that about sums it up, I think. Again, thank you so much for writing for me! If you like prompts, I hope what I gave you is helpful. If you prefer to work without them, I look forward to reading whatever you come up with. I’m sure whatever you write will be awesome!