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Dear Trick or Treat Creator,

First of all, thank you so much for making something for me! I really love all of these fandoms and characters I’m requesting, so I’m sure I’ll like anything you make for any of them!

If you’re the journal stalking type, my previous exchange letters can be found here and here, my AO3 account is here, and my tumblr is here. Other than that, I don’t have much of an online presence, but I will try to give you everything you need to know right here.

General Likes/Dislikes

Likes: A strong sense of character and character relationships. Characters who know each other better than anyone else, whether they are friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies, or any combination of the above. Trust and loyalty. Competence. Outsider perspectives – either a stranger’s view of the main characters or a friend or relative’s view of a character’s relationships. Interweaving plots. Slice of life. Roadtrips. Mission fic. Future fic. Canon divergence AUs. Supernatural/fantasy/______punk/in space! AUs. Backstory. Interesting worldbuilding details. Undercover as a couple. Friends to lovers. Developing relationships. Culture clashes. People who are bad at communicating finally managing it.

Halloween-y Likes: Werewolves, vampires, and monsters. Ghosts and hauntings. Creepy abandoned places. Transformation and body horror. Witches, magic, and curses. Blood, blood magic, blood rituals. Unknowable, eldritch horrors. Skeletal creatures. General autumn-ness: changing leaves, pumpkins, harvests, shortening days, and a chill in the air.

Dislikes: Porn with no other story around it (as long as there's some kind of set-up it's fine). Permanent major character death. Non-con. Extreme underage. Parent-child incest. Unrequested crossovers. ‘Modern mundane’/high school/coffee shop AUs. Love triangles where everyone acts immature and no one communicates. First person POV, unless the original canon is in first person. Creepily invested matchmaker friends. Anything A/B/O, dom/sub world, soulmates, or magical bonding.


Any prompts listed are just ideas and suggestions, and if you have your own super great idea for any of these fandoms and characters you should totally go for it! I haven’t tried to separate out fic/art or trick/treat prompts, so feel free interpret anything in either direction.


(New Canon Note: So, Death of the Outsider comes out on the 15th, which is super exciting! I probably won’t get to play it before sign-ups close, so no spoilers beyond trailer info in the letter, but I will definitely have played it by reveals. So if you have also played it, feel free to include any spoilers or ignore its existence completely as you see fit.)

Requested Characters: Billie Lurk, Daud, Galia Fleet, Lizzy Stride

So, these are all really violent characters who have done awful things, but Dishonored is all about changing your path and the choices you make, so I would be equally interested in exploring the darker aspects of the characters as well as something lighter and more redemptive. I would love to see any one of these four interact with any of the others (and other characters from the canon), and I would also love seeing them doing their own things.

If you want to go a shippy route, Billie/Daud hits all of my mentor/student, leader/second, trust, loyalty, betrayal, and forgiveness buttons, so I would absolutely love to see anything for that ship. However, I also enjoy the relationship platonically and would happy with seeing more of that, too. I don’t really have any shipping preferences for the other two.

  • Backstory or future speculation for any character. We only see any one of them for brief periods of time and only get hints of background, so I’d love to learn more about where they came from and where they might go. (I realize Galia is canonically dead so her future is kinda set in stone, but an AU where she survives and has to live with losing all that power a second time would be interesting.)

  • Any character interacting with some of Dishonored’s creepy animals: rats, bloodflies, wolfhounds, whales, etc.

  • What sort of dealings did the Whalers and the Dead Eels have with each other in the past? Or either group with any other gang in Dunwall?

  • Any character during the 15 year gap between Dishonored 1 and 2. We know a bit about what the ex-Whalers were up to, but not much, and we know nothing about what happened to Lizzy Stride. Were the Dead Eels one of the gangs to survive, or did she have to move on?

  • Fugue Feast! This is one of the most interesting little details of Dishonored’s worldbuilding to me, and it doesn’t get expanded on much in canon. How do people already living outside the law spend their time on a day without laws? Or just use it as an excuse to put the characters in neat masks and face paint – that’s cool, too

  • Galia in the Void after her death.

  • Billie having further interactions with Emily or Corvo after the end of Dishonored 2.

  • Lizzy catches the Outsider’s attention.

  • Daud on the Dreadful Wale with Billie, which is one of my favorite images from the Death of the Outsider trailers. Can draw from that plot, or he can be there for some completely unrelated AU reasons.

  • Daud back in Dunwall for the first time after fleeing at the end of Dishonored.

  • Monster AUs! I’ve seen a few fanworks where the Whalers and sometimes anyone marked by the Outsider are werewolves or vampires, and I think those are really cool. Anything adding more monsters to Dishonored is okay by me.

  • Also ghosts. Ghosts are cool. With spirits getting trapped in Hearts and such, I don’t think ghosts are beyond the realm of possibility.

  • If you’re familiar with both canons, I think Fallen London fusions/crossovers work really well for Dishonored, and I’d love to see any of these characters navigating that world.

Fruits Basket

Requested Characters: Sohma Hatori, Sohma Akito, Sohma Yuki, Manabe Kakeru

Fruits Basket is full of characters who have tragedy and horror in their past but hopeful futures by the end of the series. I am interested in both ends of that as well as the bits in between. Interactions between any of these four characters would be great, and it’s fine to bring in other Sohmas or Student Council members or Tohru, too.

As far as shipping goes, I am in rarepair hell for Yuki/Kakeru and would love anything for them. Otherwise, canon pairings or no pairings are fine.

  • Anything delving into or expanding on the horror of the curse, either the psychological aspects or the potential body horror of the animal transformations.

  • I’d be interested in seeing more monstrous interpretations of the cute animal transformations. The cat has a monster form for lore reasons, but maybe the others have that potential as well. Maybe even something along those lines for Akito as ‘God’. Or if you wanted to make the transformations more werewolfy in nature.

  • Hatori’s memory erasing ability is pretty fucked up. Does the dragon always have that ability or is it more random? How young did that manifest, and did he always have full control over it?

  • Hatori transforming into an actual dragon.

  • Hatori meeting Kana again in the future.

  • Kakeru finding out about Yuki’s curse. Do they manage to keep it a secret? Does Akito find out? Does it go relatively well, like with Tohru or does his memory get erased?

  • Akito trying to forge new, healthier bonds inside and outside the family post-canon.

  • Yuki going to college and really living outside the Sohma family for the first time.

  • Student Council fun times! Maybe going on school trips, maybe playing around with some classic haunted school tropes, maybe even actually working like the totally responsible people they are.

  • Kakeru getting to know other members of the Sohma family and/or Yuki meeting some more of Kakeru’s family. They both have fairly messy families, though in very different way.

  • I’ve always thought a Fruits Basket/Pet Shop of Horrors crossover would be really interesting. And potentially nicely horror-themed.

The Magnus Archives

Requested Character: Sasha James

I really like Sasha, and I’m sad that she appears to be truly dead now. But I’m thinking death is a fickle thing in the world of the Magnus Archives, so there’s still plenty of room to play. Obviously this canon is more geared toward the horror side of things, but it has its funny moments too, and I do love lighter slice of life moments in darker canons.

I don’t have any ships for this fandom, but I don’t mind any showing up if it’s not the focus.

  • Are the people replaced by the NotThem creature really killed, or are they trapped somewhere, like the ones stuck wandering ‘Michael’s hallways?

  • Sasha survives and comes back in some way and has a confrontation with NotSasha.

  • Sasha comes back and struggles to convince people she’s the real Sasha.

  • Sasha is able to come back, but she is no longer fully human.

  • Sasha having more interactions with ‘Michael’ and maybe forming an uneasy alliance.

  • Incidents from Sasha’s time as a researcher testing the Magnus Archives’ artifacts.

  • Sasha and the fractal table.

  • What is it like doing follow-up research on the statements? Do they follow up on the obviously fake statements just as thoroughly?

  • Sasha’s daily life outside of the Magnus Archives and what outside friends and family think of her job.

  • Normal interactions with co-workers even in a very abnormal job.


Requested Characters: Sasha Nein, Milla Vodello

Psychonauts, the most light-hearted and fun game about serious mental and emotional trauma you’ll ever play! I love the tone of this game: it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever played, but there’s some really dark stuff just below the surface. Or right on the surface, in some cases. I’d love anything that can match that tone, but I’d also like to see something embracing one end of the tone scale over the other as well.

As far as shipping goes, I do love Sasha/Milla, but I also love both characters individually and would equally enjoy a platonic relationship or solo works.

  • Early days in the Psychonauts: recruitment, training, first missions, first missions as a team, first summer working the camp.

  • More on the dark backstories of either character.

  • Sasha going back home and seeing his father again.

  • Dealing with the wild tales and ghost stories that spread among the campers, especially when some of them turn out to be true.

  • Some people’s mental worlds are creepier than others.

  • Sasha and/or Milla take some of the campers trick-or-treating. Maybe Whispering Rock has a fall session, idk.

  • A normal day at the office at Psychonauts HQ.

  • Psychonauts HQ has an office Halloween Party. Costumes are mandatory.

  • What does it take to set up an educational course inside one’s own mind? Do the counselors get each other to “playtest” their courses?

  • Anything to do with Nightmares. Those are really cool and creepy, both visually and conceptually, and we only get a couple glimpses at them in game.

  • We see Sasha’s secret lab in game, but Milla was originally supposed to have one too. What does hers look like, and what kind of research does she do? Also, her lab was supposed to be under the lake – does she become friends with Linda?

  • Milla teasing Sasha about his obsession with aliens.

  • Sasha and/or Milla and their opinions on the fictionalized comic book versions of themselves.

Well, that about sums it up, I think. Again, thank you so much for creating something for me! If you like prompts, I hope what I gave you is helpful. If you prefer to work without them, I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with. I’m sure whatever you make will be awesome!


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